Help Me With My Forthcoming Creation

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As an entrepreneur, the greatest compliment I ever received was from a number of my employees who, after I sold the company, told me that they would follow me anywhere if I decided to start something new.

It was really heartwarming, because it’s not like anybody got wildly rich in the process. My conclusion was that they really enjoyed the comraderie, the creativity, and the environment that I helped to create.

Well, although I’ve been involved in a lot of little things on my own after Prophet was sold, I haven’t started any other businesses. I am, however, starting a new project that I’m pretty excited about – – and which will mesh quite nicely with Slope of Hope – – but I’d like to get some of you to help me shape and test the product in its very earliest stages.

In the past, I’ve released products and features without any concern for privacy, but this time is different. If you are interested in being involved, you are going to have to sign a printed legal document and mail it to me if you’d like to be included. There’s nothing scary about it – – it’s a non-disclosure agreement which simply obliges you to keep quiet about the product and its features until such time as it’s released. It also states that if you come up with some clever feature, name, or other contribution during the course of testing that you’ll get nothing except some heartfelt appreciation on my part.

So if you’d like to do this, click here to download the non-disclosure agreement., read it, fill it in, sign it, and mail to to me (Tim Knight, 555 Bryant Street 711, Palo Alto, CA 94301).

Once I get your agreement, I’ll drop you a line telling you what I’m up to. Thanks!