Poo-Pooing Pay Per Post

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I owe you good people some market observations this afternoon, but I've got an important meeting to attend, so I wanted to share with you something quick in the meantime.

I was recently approached to put up a post on a paid basis. In other words, I was going to be paid to post an article written by an outside firm, which I've never accepted in the seven years this blog has been around.

Although I was a little uncomfortable with the idea, I said I'd be at least willing to look at the article. I did so, and although it was pretty good, it came off by and large as an advertisement, so I decided against it.

I obviously am happy to sell advertising space (which it wouldn't kill you guys to click once in a while), but I've decided that editorial content simply isn't for sale. There are many different views presented here, but although you may agree or disagree with a given post, you should at least be entitled to know that the person who wrote it is doing so to express their opinion as opposed to selling you something.

Next month, you're going to see some pretty drastic improvements to what is offered here. I'm excited about the changes coming to Slope. But one "change" you won't see is paid-for posts. I'm simply going to have to continue to rely on my live "Tim: After Hours" naughtycam for income, in spite of the lackluster results to date.