Why So Serious Silly Slope Suckers?…………..Evil Plan 99.0 (by BDI)

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Well, my fellow Slope-a-Dopes;

ICanThe above lampoons are certainly both funny and telling, but only one of these crazy corny cartoons have any resolute resonant relevance for this Idiot Savant, and that would be the kooky creative caricature to your immediate left. In my view, the so called federal fiscal cliff fix will disgracefully degenerate into a fabulous fantastic faux fiscal freeload fantasy free for all.

The U.S. will simply invent an illicit ironic illusion to satisfy the rest of the free-trade world. Falsely proclaiming that we are taking this national fiscal cleansing very seriously, cleaning up our dirty books, and paving the way to a new shining path towards a long term sustainable sparkling Mr. Clean USA bold balanced budget.  Nothing could be further from the truth of course.

The reality is that we are simply going to con our global trade partners, by promptly perniciously placating them with an all for show forever phony fiscal fix fairy tale. Just enough dubious digit dirty dancing will be deftly displayed so that they don't lose total faith in the American Dollar. Think of it as a Newman & Redford "Sting" on a global scale.  

All the while, our real intention is to simply slowly submerge the world's reserve currency via a cunning covertly crafty, orderly devaluation over time. A daring desperately designed endeavor to diffuse the massive mega death ticking debt time bomb, that is onerously owed to our oblivious overseas creditors. In the end, we will not actually default in the true accounting sense of the term, but nonetheless our creditors will be rapaciously raped, rudely repaid in a currency which has been disgustingly and deliberately degraded.  Let us call it a default by default.

It is no coincidence that the vast majority of these creditors are in Asia. The brutally bogus bottom line is that we will continue to print prolifically and consume capriciously as they labor laboriously and produce prodigiously. This perverse poisonous paradigm will clearly eventually blow up in our faces via a wicked woeful WWIII reset.  However, I think it will take a lot longer to get to that point than most here believe.  

Until I see either incendiary inflation or I smell the warming warheads, I'm riding this rapid runaway red hot stock racket rocket. Get ready for another manic monster moon shot of the copious cash can!  The market will once again reflect the repeated rabid rampant reflation rip.  

Don't get crushed, cremated and canned by the vile villainous velocity vortex!

They will reflate……………..There will be blood!


        BDI SOH's Idiot Savant