Puts on HLF and CMG

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As most of you know, I tend to be a straight-up short-the-stock kind of guy, rarely indulging in options trades. However, there are two stocks whose prospects for lower prices are so tantalizing to me that I put a little cash into my options account and secured puts in both positions. They are Chipotle (CMG) and HerbaLife (HLF).

Like I said, these are tiny positions, but they're doing nicely in the little bit of time I've owned them since an hour ago.


HerbaLife is a particular favorite of mine. Back when it was getting devastated last month in the mid-20s, I said if it ever got back to above $40, I'd love to short it. I thought it would be months before the public was blinkered enough to bid this stock back up, but it only took a couple weeks. Sure, it could go a little higher from here, but I think this stock is in profoundly serious technical trouble.