Labored Breathing (5 of 6)

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Daily Labor Day Preface: (I’m just going to use this each day, just to save myself the extra typing): Here are the points I’d like to make about the charts below: (a) they all represent live positions presently in my portfolio, which consists purely of 115 different equity shorts (b) they are among my favorites (c) if you have found Slope to be a profitable source of ideas for you, please share a little of the wealth and kick a small donation to the blog by clicking here (d) instead of doing videos, I’m presenting the charts as images and, as usual, I’m presenting half of them to everyone, and the other half exclusively to Slope Plus members. If you’ve like to be a Slope Plus member and get all the ideas (and many other benefits), you can learn about the service by clicking here. So here are the charts!

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