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My Two Big 2015 Errors

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It’s a little early, I suppose, to be doing any kind of “end-of-year wrap-up” kind of post, but frankly, I don’t have anything new to say about the market, and I might as well share the one semi-pithy reflection I’ve got about 2015 at the moment.

My two errors this year actually contradict one another. My first error was not holding on to positions long enough. My other error was holding on to them for too long.

To address the first error: as some readers may recall, I made a post back in November 2014 called Shifting Sands which, even at the time I marked as a “Best of Slope” post since I considered it so important. My basic thesis was that oil producers were going to be wrecked, just like gold miners had. As I wrote, “I am inclined toward individual energy-related shorts, because I think they’re going to suffer the same gruesome fate as precious metals miners have”


Monday’s Christmas Carol

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As we count down the days toward Christmas, I wanted each day to share a tidbit of my own best Christmas memories.

Today’s entry is the start of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Back when I was a kid (pre-Roku, pre-DVD, pre-VHS) it was a big deal when this came on. My mom would cut out from the newspaper the announcement as to what time and on what station it would play and tape it to the television so I was sure not to miss it.

This clip features a favorite line of mine: “Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you’re the Charlie Brown-iest.”

QLD Long (by Retracement Levels)

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QLD has been down 2 weeks in a row and 2 days in a row. Although not guaranteed, a bounce is probably coming in the next 1-3 trading days.  This is the principle of short-term “trend reversal”.



Retracement Levels has developed models to trade several ETFs, Futures and FX markets intraday, DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY. More details on the markets covered are on our website, today we want to show you an example of our DAILY LONG model for QLD: this graph below is part of our model and shows where QLD rebounds more often during retracement patterns that are historically similar to the retracement pattern we are seeing today.