A Glorious Piece of Crap

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If you are anything like me – – and, trust me, I hope you aren’t, but just in case – – your head is filled with jingles and commercials from decades ago. For no particular reason, one popped into my head recent, which was for the 1980 Chevy Citation. “It’s the first………Chevy of the Eighties…….”

Now, even as a child, I had utter disdain for American cars, and the Citation was no exception. I intuitively knew they were poorly-engineered and slapped together by overpaid UAW employees, and thus, until the Tesla came along, I never bought anything built in the good old U.S.A.

Anyway, since I was seized by memories of this 1980 piece of crap, I thought I’d do a YouTube search, and sure enough, there were plenty of old commercials. The video below was, I suppose, put together by GM Corporate at an auto show or something, and it was ostensibly the exciting “reveal” of their latest and greatest car.

Just watch the first minute, because it’s just a scream. Whoever directed the video apparently thought that soaring images of the Air Force Chapel and lots of brassy music could make this grotesque piece of junk somehow compelling. Give it a look, because it is profoundly hilarious and depressing at the same time, which are the two liquids that make up pretty much my entire constitution.