The Not-So-Deep State

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Late in 2016, there was this widely-disseminated canard that proposed the “deep state” arranged Trump to get elected so that the economic collapse could be blamed on him. Although I’m not a conspiracy kook, in a fever of confirmation bias, I sort of “bought” that claim as well. Let’s see how the Deep State is doing, shall we? Here’s the Dow Industrials..….

Up over 5000 points since the election. My goodness. OK, how about the S&P 500?


Urf. OK. Well, let’s go broader still. What about the Russell 2000?


I see. Closing at the highest levels in the history of humanity.

Either the Deep State really, really sucks at what they do…………or else this whole notion of a secret, sinister committee was a big load of horseshit, kind of like how the Rothschilds control all the media and banking.

I’m guessing it’s the latter.