The Hideous Glasses Aren’t Helping

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I did my first Kicked in the Spectacles post on October 14 2017 and followed up with a second (which, in a not-very-creative moment, I gave the same title) on April 26 of this year. Although I am not privy to details of how these goddamned hideous things are selling to idiot millennials, something tells me that this product launch is another utter catastrophe and is hastening the day that SNAP is a single digit stock (whose digit, one day in the future, may well be $0).

slopechart SNAP

Thus, Evan Spiegel’s company has DESTROYED $25 billion shareholder value (with $13 billion to go). But it’s not like this is going unpunished. Evan is still a MULTI BILLIONAIRE and is forced……….FORCED, I tell you!…… go to bed with his gold-digging wife every single night, shown below. So it’s not like retail bagholders who were taken in by this disaster can’t take comfort about Evan’s desperate, heart-rending situation.