What’s Cooking

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I normally don’t make a habit of “pre-announcing” improvements to the blog, but the reception of the new Slope has been marvelously warm, and I’m inclined to let you know I’m not resting on my laurels but am intent on introducing most enhancements this month. Among these are:

  • Way to Pay Besides Paypal – while I’ve been pleased at the strong response to Slope+, I was surprised how much antipathy there is to PayPal. The reasons for people not wanting to use PayPal vary from the simple (“I don’t have an account and don’t see the need to create one”) to the ethical (“They are the bane of my existence.”) I’ll be introducing a way to pay without PayPal’s involvement.
  • Automatic Slope+ Notifications – Those who subscribe to Slope+ only find out about their posts by me making a comment about it in the comments stream, which is obviously a lame way to go about such a thing; we’re creating an automatic email that will be sent the moment any Slope+ exclusive post is created.
  • Nightly Summaries – This will probably take a bit longer, but I’m planning on having a nightly email sent that summarizes the day’s posts and market action.
  • Performance Leader Board – Virtual trading has been part of the comments system for a long time, and some Slopers have racked up impressive records. This will show on the sidebar the top ten most successful traders among you.
  • Sloper Hall of Fame – I have long had access to a cool little widget that shows me who has the most Likes, who has made the most comments, who has given the most Likes, and so on. It’s high time the most Slopey among us get the recognition they so richly deserve (and, importantly, so the person at any given #10 spot gets nervous about #11).

There are many other small bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements forthcoming, and as I dream up more ideas, I’ll see that those are created as well.

Slope has made a big leap from a blog to a genuine web site. I intend to keep extending the goodies we have on this cool platform. If you have any brilliant ideas or requests, just drop me a line and tell me.