Kicking Cache and Taking Names

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Now that we’ve cleared our first full week on the new Slope, I wanted to mention a few important technical issues. I have a list of literally dozens of small improvements that will be happening on the new site, but I wanted to talk about three very specific items:

  • The Cache from Hell – A few of you have written me to tell me when you go to the blog page, it isn’t updated. It simply is the same as when you were there last, even though there are new posts, requiring you to clear the cache. Not good!! We’ve made a fix this morning which means this should NOT be the case anymore. For those having trouble, you might want to clear the cache ONE LAST TIME (Ctrl+F5) but that honestly should be all. In my experience, out of 500 people having trouble, ONE person might write me, so please, if you see this happen any more, email me! Thank you.
  • Quicker Comments – I am extremely excited about a fundamental change we’re going to make it comments very soon. I won’t go into it here, but the bottom line is that comments should update (God willing………) virtually INSTANTANEOUSLY as you are using them, so it’s more like a chat session. Believe me, I will make a big stink about this when it happens, which should be soon.
  • The Marquee – That “blog posts marquee” that appears at the top of the home page – – I know it drives people crazy that it’s not apparent what the most recent post it. We’re going to improve it somewhat so that, at a minimum, it has timestamps. Hopefully we’ll change it even more so that it’s uttery apparent how “aged” the posts are.

Like I say, there are many improvements to come, but please know the above.