Straight from the Heart

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What an utter pleasure and joy it was to spend the day looking at charts, doing posts, and not having a single emergency. Good God almighty, I can’t tell you how good it felt.


And our server pool did a yeoman’s job without any nastiness (and, yes, that CPU load peaked at 700%).


As weary as you probably are hearing about our (now-successful) deployment, I really have to say this: as much as I have always liked this group, I was stunned at how empathic and knowledgeable Slopers were. Indeed, I got a large number of personal emails from people who had been through something very similar and knew EXACTLY what it was like to deploy a complex technical product into the real world (and, I can assure you, there’s nothing quite like it). “Thank You” is a feeble phrase compared to how strong my gratitude is, but I offer it nonetheless.

The most prominent and vexing problem we experience from the user’s point of view was the login problem: that is, people’s inability to log in successfully, in spite of using a valid username and password.

We were losing our minds on this one, but we finally had our breakthrough last night in the server code, and most folks were in good shape. For the handful that were still having troubles and wrote me, every single one – – I say again, every single one – – was sailing smoothly once they did a hard refresh on their cache. In other words, clean the crap out!

If you need to do this, here’s the link to the article that will explain how to do it for you specific browser.

Anyway, me and my boys are into “improvement” mode, which is where I’m most comfortable – – that is, making new stuff and improving existing stuff. I’m looking forward to it.