The Misery Spread

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I was playing around with SlopeCharts (which, let’s face it, is about all I do with my time), and I pulled up the $MISERY index (definition: “an informal measure of the state of an economy generated by adding together its rate of inflation and its rate of unemployment.”) . I noticed how low it was, so just for fun, I overlaid it with the S&P 500 (more specifically, the SPY). I found their inverse correlation – – and in particular the historically gargantuan spread that exists between them now – – to be fascinating. Mean reversion, anyone?

slopechart MISERYSPY

Also, a handful of folks are still having some troubles with the new site (e.g. they keep getting thrown to the homepage, no matter what they do, etc.) Please, please, please – – I’m tellin’ ya – – just do a hard refresh of your browser’s cache. Honest. It has worked 100% of the time for those who have written me. Here’s that link again.