Whither Greek Pride?

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During our brief get-together yesterday, BDI and I puzzled over how the European Union could be so dumb as to hand tens of billions of Euros more to Greece who has obviously got, shall we say, a credibility problem. It seems they aren’t nearly so gullible as I might have assumed, as the headlines on ZH reveal:


So basically what the Prime Minister would need to do, having already completely let down the Greek public, is sheepishly get to his knees, agree to all the terms thrown down by the EU, and then get the privilege to beg for more money under their boot-heels. It’s pathetic. Tsipras is either a genius beyond comprehension or – – and this is what I’m assuming – – completely making this up as he goes along, and tripping all over his shoelaces.

For the sake of any semblance of Greek pride that might be remaining – – or even a shred of dignity – – I hope Tsipras tells them to take their 24 hour deadline (which is already half gone, I suspect) and shove it.

Oh, and since I’m at the airport, I perused the (typically nauseating) magazine covers and had this one leap out at me:


I would remind you that Ms. Parker, pictured above, has the twin advantages of (a) the best makeup artist money can buy at the photo shoot (b) plenty of Photoshop work afterwards. And yet………..well…………there’s your result.

I guess self-respect and dignity is short supply on both sides of the Atlantic.