So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World

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OK, we’re in day 3 of deployment here, and I’m ready to crawl into bed………but not yet! There’s still too much to be done.

We’ve made fantastic progress, though. Late on Friday and early on Saturday, Slope was pretty much:

……..and we’ve fixed so many issues we’re closer to……….

So, yeah, we’ve got one engine still smoldering, but at least we’re pointing the right way!

My best piece of advice right now for anyone having issues is to clear your cache. 

We’re mostly focused at the moment on the user database. Specifically, folks used to be able to log in with their username (which, ummm, I never realized was even possible) and now they have to use their email address. For some folks, that’s a big problem, because their real account is based on their username, whereas a newer account they might have set up is email-based. Suffice it to say we’re hard at work on resolving this for the handful of you that are having problems.

I also heard from Rev that using Internet Explorer 11 makes the site look like pig vomit (my words, not his – – I saw the screen shot). Once we get DB issues addressed, we’ll turn our attention to more cosmetic fare.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. For the vast majority of folks, things are going smoothly. We are endeavoring to have things as rock solid as possible before the opening bell Monday. Pray for me.