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SlopeFest Commences

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Word on the street (as well as The Strip) is that a gaggle of Slopers have gathered in Las Vegas – – an irregularly scheduled event that has gone on for many years named SlopeFest. Regrettably, because this is a graduation/end-of-school weekend for my beloved children, I am unable to attend. There will be more pictures to come, particularly tomorrow night, but The Director was kind enough to send this first snapshot (Market Sniper, AKA Dutch, is the mustachioed chap in the back).


I’ve got a huge challenge ahead of me, trying to write up anything about this god-awful market of ours, but – – this isn’t the first time I’ve had to try to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Embracing the Below Average

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Holy MOSES what a boring day! As I’m typing this, the ES is up .12% and the NQ is down .12%. Average ’em out, and you get…….a Saturday trading session. So I’ll just put up the good ol’ TLT chart, which is utterly core to my options portfolio (two positions – TLT and XLU January 2019 puts).

As shown below, it broken its trendline ages ago, and it’s about 90% done with what could be (if complete) one of the greatest topping patterns ever.

slopechart TLT (more…)