Twenty Seven Hundred

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The market has been getting batted back and forth like a cat’s toy, thanks to an administration that isn’t sticking to a consistent story. Trade war? No trade war? Is China our friend? Our enemy? I suspect this will all be sorted out by the time Mexico pays for that wall we’ve heard so much about.

Support at 2700 is key. With merely two days left in this calendar quarter, I am obviously fervently hoping that it breaks, because if it does, we’re going to get an avalanche of selling. This market is simply insane, though. This morning (Wednesday), I had a big loss, and I was cursing the world. By the time the closing bell rang, I had one of my best trading days of the year. Just………..insane.

I keep telling myself to stop watching overnight action, BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MEAN A THING. In fact, even the first hour or two of trading doesn’t even matter anymore. All I know is this: 2700 matters.

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