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Gold is the Sun, and an Anchor

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The ‘Gold as Inflation Hedge’ Canard

On the one hand you have the sons of Harvey & Erb, who called gold to $800/oz. and caused a stir in the gold “community”. Per Campbell Harvey in this video with Kitco’s Daniella (dig the flowing golden locks of hair)…

“Gold is just too volatile” to be an effective inflation hedge.

Well yes sir, you are right. Gold does not track inflation in any kind of a convenient time frame. Gold’s volatility is a reflection of the volatility of the assets orbiting around it in the constellation of risk. (more…)

Slope Storm

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I pride myself on Slope’s uptime and reliability. Starting with this post, however, I wash my hands of it – – certainly for the night, and maybe off and on through the holiday weekend. We are doing some major upgrades to the site, so we are taking advantage of this long weekend to get the job done. I’m probably vastly overstating the potential issues, but forewarned is forearmed.

One Month Closes And Another One Opens

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SPX has made a possible short term high a couple of days ago, but needs to show us more on Tuesday than a retracement to test obvious support at the 50 hour MA, currently in the 2890 area. If that can be broken, and the open gap below it filled, then there is a decent shot here at seeing a retracement into rising support from the late June low, currently in the 2840 area, to confirm the rising wedge from there within the overall rising channel from the overall rising channel from the early May low.

This is the equity index section of my premarket video for this morning which talks more about the evolving setup here. Partial Premarket Video from – Update on ES, NQ:


Fake News Was Predicted

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From over thirty years ago, a favorite movie of mine – – Talking Heads’ True Stories – – seems to have neatly predicted the world we’re living in today, as well as its conspiratorial paranoia. (“You got your CBS. And your ABC. You got Time and Newsweek. They’re the same to me.“) Once again, life imitates art.