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The Best Article I’ve Read in Approximately Forever

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A Sloper referenced an article today which is breathtaking in its scope and truth. I'm not even done reading it yet (it'll take you a while………) and I'm already putting up this post to suggest you read it. One sentence in particularly struck me as describing Slope to a "T":

Cyberspace by nature feels very big from the inside, and its affinity groups, seeing themselves in aggregate and in mutual self reference, imagine their role bigger and more effective than it is. From within the highly directed, technologically administrated, marketed-to and propagandized rat cage called America, this is all but impossible to comprehend.

I'm not going to put up a funny picture or silly video. Here's the article. Enjoy.

New Questions for the New Year

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Dear 2011,

+ Where did Nathaniel Goodwin go? Is he OK? Will he return to Slope?

+ And while you're at it, what about Fujisan?

+ Is there any logic in the bizarre photos that LowerMyBills uses for their ads? Sometimes we get Jesus; sometimes we get a homeless guy; sometimes we get this:


+ Is there a federal law which requires that sweeping predictions coincide almost perfectly with market reversal points?


+ Has the market double-topped, or is in the middle of an gigantic inverted head and shoulders pattern?


+ Which is more comfortable for bathroom needs – a $5 bill or a two-ply $10 note?