The Thrill is Gone

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Well, now that THIS nonsense is out of the way (with a complete pratfall by John “no thanks, I’m not that hungry” McAfee)………….

I just wanted to point out a chart that has nothing to do with Bitcoin price action (which itself has lost two-thirds of its value in six months). It’s the volume; check this out:

Sort of looks like the popularity of the search term “Election 2016” over the past few years, doesn’t it? Volume is shrinking every week, and whereas the entire world went crypto-crazy in December and January, now the crickets are starting to get audible.

Far be it for me to speculate on the future of crypto, but since SlopeCharts offers volume charts (just press Ctrl-Spacebar to toggle on and off), I thought I’d share this somewhat different perspective as to what’s going on with this part of the financial speculation world.

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