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Brown Shoots

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Before I begin, I want to say I am DELIGHTED at how many folks are updating their avatars (or creating new ones altogether) with the “Santa hat” theme. We’re a lively bunch, we Slopers. Just click here to go to your profile and update your avatar (or give yourself one). All the cool kids do it, and it’s free!

Now, on with the show. I’m confident most of you remember this from early 2009:

greenshoots (more…)

The Most Important Trendline of the Year

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This is very, very important.

The NASDAQ Composite is at a moment of truth. It has BOUNCED and FOUND SUPPORT at the only trendline that matters. The last time it did this, twenty-three months ago, it went on to extraordinary gains, and the bulls stomped the living guts out the bears.

Know this: if our bullish friends can’t find support here, they’re going to be screwed, and screwed for years. The time is now.


Wild Wild Morning

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Well, my head is spinning. Having slept from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m., I woke up to a pile of user emails, a site that needed tending, and 100 short positions to manage. Added to which, my profit has swung from Insanely Massive to simply Good. All while fighting server demons and tech mysteries. I even managed to get out a premium post. Bob Ross and Blue Bottle are the ONLY reasons I’ve made it this far.

I’ll just share you this one chart. Maybe we’ve washed out a bit this morning. Here’s the small caps (Russell 2000). Maybe we’ve got a double bottom for now. More broadly, we’ve got quite a violation of the moving averages happening. A firm downtrend remains in place. But the bulls haven’t given up. As I’m typing this, they’re fighting like hell, and it’s working. Watch that tinted zone.