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Ricky’s Cups and Balls

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I first remember seeing Ricky Jay on Magnolia, one of my favorite movies ever. He passed away a few days ago, and I wanted to share this video. Ricky was the absolute king of the stage and banter. Rest in Peace, Ricky Jay.

So Like I Said

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Read the post from TWO DAYS AGO, which declared:

The bullish base on the ES is just as clean. There are easily another 40 points of pain in store for the bears. Let’s face it, the market has been beaten to smithereens, and Monday’s powerful bounce could be just the beginning of something larger. To be clear, I think we’re in a bear market, but countertrend rallies are just part of life when it comes to bear markets. They’re vicious, violent, and quick.Β The measured move on the ES is something a little north of 2710.Β 

And I showed this:


Chico’s and the Man

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Well, my tweet this morning pretty much said it all:

I’ve mentioned Chico’s (CHS) again and again and again as a short idea, given its huge dome pattern. It’s been kind of a frustrating position, but today it finally paid off, plunging nearly 40% within minutes. I went ahead and covered at about $4.50, although I would be delighted to short it again on any meaningful bounce.


Are We Approaching A “Once-In-A-Century” Type Event In The Stock Market?

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As many of you know, I will often read articles written by others — along with the comments — to gauge the overall sentiment of the market from an anecdotal perspective.Β  During one of my recent perusals of articles, I noticed a quote of the following statement by Sir John Templeton:

“For 100 years optimists have carried the day in U.S. stocks. Even in the dark 70’s, many professional money managers, and many individual investors too, made money in stocks, especially those of smaller companies.

“There will, of course, be corrections, perhaps even crashes. But, over time, our studies indicate stocks do go up. As national economies become more integrated and interdependent, as communication becomes easier and cheaper, business is likely to boom. Trade and travel will grow. Wealth will increase. And stock prices should rise accordingly.” (more…)

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