Their Beautiful Balloon

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Just got back from the Incredibles 2 show at Pixar; great fun!

Anyway, before I slump off to bed – – if there’s anything you need to see to convince you the excitement of early 2018 has been smothered to death, look no farther than the VIX chart. It’s just…………….sad:

I can’t help but worry that the bulls are revving up for something much bigger. All the charts below are just screaming “ready for a breakout”. With all the big news next week – – – North Korea, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, and who knows what other surprises – – the bulls could have everything they need to make the other indexes (like the Dow 30 and the S&P 500) join in the Land Of Daily Lifetime Highs that the Russell 2000 have been in recently.

Hope springs eternal in the bearish breast. Any of these could roll over and die. But there’s nothing on the charts themselves to indicate they will do so. Barring some major disappointments in the near future, the bulls are simply going to magnify their multi-month momentum.

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