Delta Delta Delta

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Last Tuesday, October 16th (which feels like, oh, about half a year ago), the market bounced mightily from the first phase of its selloff. I proposed four potential outcomes, which I named Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. Delta, the last one described, was the most bearish, and I projected it like this:

And here, almost two weeks later, we can see what actually transpired:


Hey, not too shabby, huh? It’s almost EXACTLY what took place. Look at a few million charts, and you get good at this.

That’s why you pay me the big bucks! (Actually, you premium members get a terrific bargain, and for those who aren’t already subscribers, I encourage you to check out the choices!)

So what comes next? I’m not sure. I have to look at charts and think a lot. But I can tell you what I HOPE comes next – – a big, fat rally.